How Oral Health Impacts Your Child’s Success At School

August 15, 2023

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Back-to-school time is here, and along with it are preparations to set your child up for success in the coming year.  As parents, we want them to feel excited for the new year so we prepare them to the best of our ability. That could mean taking them school-supply shopping, registering for extra-curricular activities, or having medical exams. All these things help them start the year with a happy, healthy mindset. Did you know, though, that your child’s oral health can also directly impact their ability to be successful at school? Continue reading to learn how, and what you can do as a parent to help them.

How Does My Child’s Oral Health Influence Their Well-Being?

It’s important to remember that oral health impacts a child’s development in many ways. Our mouths play a major role in learning to eat, speak, and smile. All these things affect how we perceive ourselves and interact with others in social circumstances.  

Because of this tooth, gum, or mouth diseases can not only cause pain and discomfort, but can also embarrass a child, challenge their cognitive growth, or result in poor self-esteem. In fact, a recent clinical study showed that children with dental problems were more likely to express feeling worthless, shy, unhappy, depressed, and less likely to be friendly toward others.

How Does Oral Health Impact Children At School?

If your child has problems with their teeth, then all the same issues that impact how they feel about themselves can influence their academic success. The same study discovered that students with dental issues are more likely to miss school for appointments and not finish all of their schoolwork. If they’re not feeling confident enough to engage in class and they are missing assignments, then a student’s grades will suffer. That means there’s a connection between their oral health and their academic success.

What Can I Do To Help My Child?

You might be feeling discouraged as a parent if this sounds like your child. There is good news, however! The study also showed that children with healthy oral hygiene were more likely to complete their homework, have fewer problems at school, and feel more confident and outgoing. These factors all contributed to better grades.

Therefore, by instilling healthy habits in your child, you can help them thrive at school! Be sure they brush and floss at least twice daily, and that they’re brushing for a full 2 minutes each time. You can also limit their access to highly sugary or acidic foods and drinks that can damage teeth. Eating them can attract unhealthy bacteria that lead to tooth decay or gum disease.

Don’t forget that scheduling a dental appointment is a great way to ensure your child’s oral health is in order before the school year begins. The dentist can examine their teeth for signs of disease and provide professional cleaning to keep cavities at bay. Then you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child will have a happier, healthier school year!

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Dr. Yelena Obholz began her education by graduating from the Scientific Sports Medicine Institute in her native country, Uzbekistan. She then earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota and her D.D.S. from the New Your University College of Dentistry. She also completed a residency in periodontics, oral surgery, and prosthodontics at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. With such expertise, her patients have customized care that meets all their dental needs under one roof. If you’d like to schedule a checkup for your child, feel free to request an appointment on the website or call (301) 658-7647.

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